He stroked her face, and with his index finger he guided a trace of his come back into her mouth. ‘That was a beautiful way to wake me up’, he smiled, and as he rose from the bed he took her hand and led her to the bathroom. He turned on the walk in shower and while the water heated he ran his fingers down her spine kissing slowly along her naked shoulder. She felt his warm naked body behind her, his cock still semi erect from the joys her mouth had brought him brushed warm and firm against her naked cheeks.

Stepping into the shower his fingers entwined with hers and he immersed her under the powerful jets of warm clear water. She felt her body come to life as the water danced on her naked body. She closed her eyes and let the water soak her whole body. Moving towards him as his hand brushed over her cheek and around the back of her hair. She wanted his naked body close to hers, she wanted them both warm and wet together. He took her hands and led them behind her back, She felt his strength as he moved from gentle to a place of control.

The water cascaded down their bodies and she groaned inside as she felt his body press against hers. He pushed her up against the smooth wet tiles of the shower room and kitten felt her body open up to him. He needed no invitation and his tongue travelled down her neck and across her breasts to her hard erect nipples. Each beat of the water on them sending tingles through her body he took each one in his mouth and flicked his tongue across them watching her throw her head back at each new sensation.

His hands moved between her legs and she spread for him his fingers warm and wet delving into her aching pussy. She wrapped her arms around him as he moved her up the tiles. She was lost, her body clawing at him as he pushed her up the soaking tiles till her hands were wrapped in his hair and she gasped as her pushed both shoulders between her thighs and began to feast on her spread pussy.

She did not know how high up the tiles he had pushed her, her grip on his hair was all she had as her body rocked from one orgasm to the next. His tongue lapping at her clit till she screamed for release. In one movement he slid her down the tiles and span her round till she was pressed up against the tiles. She could sense the hunger in him and his cock was now as hard as it had been just a short time ago in her eager mouth.

As he spread her arms out wide and pinned her to the tiles she felt him thrusting between her cheeks till he was deep inside her taking what was his and giving her all of his cock till he was deep and tight inside her. Her nipples ached against the tiles, his firm grip kept her pinned under the jets of water as he throbbed and grew inside her till she felt him stiffen and she was lost as he fucked her till her bod shuddered uncontrollably and she came again over his hard cock.

She knew she would never shower again without touching herself in memory of that day x