They say that life is black and white, that they are the extremes. 

But all that leaves is greyness, floating in between.

My eyes see colours strong in all she shares with me

There is no room for shades of grey, murky and unclean.


Her eyes the deepest blue, they calmly pierce my soul 

Her face aglow with shades that draw me to her smile.

Those cheeks that move from ivory to blush each time we meet 

Ensure my fingers softly touch and linger there a while.


She has an aura blue with love that fills our secret world

A passion that is freely shown, of which I will never tire 

Her body wrapped around me ignites a naked flame

That as our bodies blend with lust creates a raging fire.


A soothing calm and coolness greets our coming down 

Each time she wraps her love filled vines around me more.

She breezes through my mind like amber flowing fields 

The path she weaves moves purposely directly to my core.


The darkness is her fear, that’s where she see the black

I take her to her edge to watch our colours there unfold. 

We share the mixture of our deepest thoughts

That is why we now together, explore from black to gold