Girl on a Train

She slipped elegantly into the chair facing me; her fingers ran through her long auburn hair as the blue tint of her eyes caught mine. All I could do was smile at her beauty and she acknowledged me with the sweetest smile I have ever had returned. The genuine warmth embarrassed us both and in an instance our eyes were quickly averted to our respective Twitter pages as the train pulled out of the station

She settled into her seat a quick glance in a mirror, told her she looked divine, although I am sure she already knew that from my reaction at her arrival. The urge to stare openly at her became a demon in my mind and I transfixed my eyes on the amber fields as we flashed through the open countryside.

I could feel her eyes watching me; she had a confidence that made me want to explore her mind as much as her exquisite body. I could resist no longer I turned to catch her eye, knowing she was forming a view of me in her head. She did not flinch or turn away as was the normal commuter etiquette, a playful yawn leapt from her lips and she closed her eyes in a restful calm.

Whether she did it to allow me to peruse her, as she had me or not, I was not going to let the opportunity go. Her hair was clipped back off her face and her fringe danced along the top of her eyebrows. Minimal make up allowed the natural beauty of her slim face to shine, and the shimmer on her perfect lips screamed out for a tender kiss. A silver flake of make-up shimmered under one eye, resting on her smooth cheek, another glimmered above her lips and my mind returned to that kiss.

She lowered her head and opened her eyes, slowly raising herself to meet my attentive glance. My mind was screaming at me to avert my stare but my inner darkness told me not to flinch. The first chink appeared and she blushed slightly turning to gaze out the window. A smile crossed my lips, not one of smugness, but one that told me she was on the same journey mentally as me.

She was comfortable with me watching her and let me know it. Raising her elbow to the ledge on the window she gazed out into the passing wilderness and gently parted her lips. With a perfectly manicured finger she began to tap gently on her teeth knowing it was distracting me totally. I ran my fingers down my thigh and caught the slightest glance as her resistance was also clearly being tested to its limits.

She returned her eyes to mine and closed her lips around her finger before sliding it slowly down her chin and fixed an imaginary flaw in the checked black and white dress she was wearing. My eyes followed her finger and I became entranced by her chest as her breathing gave a slow rhythmic motion to her body. I slowed my breathing down to imitate her movement. We were moving as one and it seemed as though she controlled her breath to keep pace with me.

Stretching out a leg I watched as she saw the closeness of my thigh to hers. Without looking at me she smiled and returned her gaze to the window. The flirting was becoming more and more obvious, but our journey was nearing its end. Urgency seemed to engulf us both; if contact was not made soon the moment could be lost for ever.

Uncrossing her legs she brushed against my knee, we both sat upright and apologised in unison. The sparkle in her deep blue eyes told me she was not sorry at all. My mind began to race, don’t lose the moment, don’t let the last thing you say to her be ‘sorry’.

The train began to slow down and in the deafening silence that I could not puncture she rose and turned to alight at the next stop. The disappointment was clear on her face as she flashed one last glance at me and strode to the doors. I watched her body glide down the aisle and knew every sensual movement was aimed at me. I had a busy day ahead and this was not my stop. Fuck it, I rose and followed my auburn vision. The story had begun, where it will take us I do not know but she is going to be the centre of it,

The train stopped and as the doors opened she glanced back to see me close behind her. She smiled in a way that said thank you for not just knowing what she wanted, but being real enough to do something about it. The train pulled out behind us and we meandered slowly out of the station as commuters passed us by. Our day was going to be so different from theirs. As we lingered on the escalator so close our bodies could feel arousing warmth that ignited our souls, I looked her in the eyes and said ‘coffee is required’, she nodded and smiled and we walked together for the first time.