You stand before the full length mirror in your bedroom. Wearing a black blouse and knee length black skirt, you run your hands down your body and admire your womanly form in the mirror. The touch of your hands even through the material sends a tingle up your body and you give yourself a naughty smile in the mirror, your hands brushing a little firmer as you slide them back up your thighs. You close your eyes and let you mind wander. Your mind is filled with him and how you wish he was with you now. The friendship you have struck has taken you totally by surprise. The ease and comfort with which you have opened up to him has confirmed in your mind this is a friendship that will go beyond what you have known before.

A warm breeze gusts through your open bedroom window and you feel your heart miss a beat as his presence fills the room. Standing there your eyes still closed you sense his warmth close by and your body tingles with anticipation of an encounter you have craved for since that first online meeting. A finger gently runs along your shoulder and you tilt your head towards the touch. The finger traces along your arm, you can sense his touch and you straighten up to comply with his lead. A surge of pleasure racing through your body, you feel his other hand on your hip and he draws close for you to feel the heat of his body through your black attire for the first time. His fingers run up your neck and he starts to curl your hair as the back of his hand brushes gently on your cheek. You push towards his touch showing him your desire to feel him more.

His total understanding sends dreams of all you desire through your mind and your legs nearly give way completely as he kisses your naked neck with gentleness that send a shudder to your heart. You let out a gasp and raise you head. His fingers trace down your chest and you watch as he expertly undoes the first button of your black blouse. His breath dances on your neck and he whispers ‘Are you ready to be undressed Kitten?’

His fingers slide slowly down your blouse, you let out a small gasp of breath as each button is released and the blouse falls open. When he reaches the top of your skirt you feel his body move really close behind you, he moves his arms around you and unzips your black skirt letting it fall to the floor around your feet. You feel your body starting to tingle, his fingers tracing up your naked thighs, you cannot take your eyes from the mirror as he moves slowly up your body along the front of your blouse. Every time the back of his fingers brush against your naked skin you feel the aching grow inside you. He slides the blouse off over your shoulders and you start to blush as it falls down your arms and joins your skirt on the floor beneath you.

Your eyes nervously return to his and the look of pure admiration in his face brings you to a place where all you can think about is this moment and being with him. His hands trace along your shoulders and he slides the straps of your black bra down over your arms. His breath again dances on you shoulder, that lingering kiss along your naked shoulder sends a shudder through your body and you feel an aching inside as he unclips the bra and casts it to the side of the room. His hands trace down your spine and you groan out loud as he disappears from your view and you feel those black panties lowered slowly to your ankles. His lips return to your shoulders and his hands rests on your naked hip. ‘I have longed to have you naked before me’  Your mind wants to scream out loud how much you have also longed for exactly this but all you can do is only stand there naked before him in the mirror.

The realisation that you are naked before him hits your mind and your immediate reaction is to cover your modesty. You feel his fingers on your shoulder blade and as he runs them down your arms your hands return to your side, your mind imploring you to stay in control, your body winning the discussion. You raise your gaze to the mirror and watch him admiring your naked form, his eyes consuming every inch of your body, his warmth against you exciting you internally and externally. Your body goes tense as he gently places one hand on your hip and runs his other across your naked shoulder blade. He senses your nerves and brushes the hair from your ear ‘relax Kitten, enjoy what is about to unfold’ he whispers. His breath dances on your ears and you let out an inaudible groan. You look into his eyes and you know you are lost to him.

Tracing his fingers down your neck your eyes follow his every move, your body sparking into life wherever you connect with him. The back of his nails run down your cleavage and you feel your heart start to pound as he cups your naked breast fully in his open hand. Your mind is all over the place as the other hand moves across your hip and guides you back towards him. Your body is not yours and you feel it aching to press back giving yourself to him. The first time his finger brushes over your erect nipple a pleasure rip’s through your body, warmth begins to build between your legs. Your eyes transfixed to the mirror, he circles each nipple as they stand hard and throbbing before him. Taking one between two fingers you feel his grip around your waist become firm and he starts to squeeze your nipple till you let out a moan. The mixture of the pain and pleasure send your mind into a whirl, still wondering how far this will go, but knowing you definitely don’t want this to stop. Your mind is brought crashing back to the mirror as you feel his hand loosen its grip and move down your thigh, he strokes along you thigh and kisses up your neck. You watch everything in the mirror you mind just wants him to swallow you up and take you as his, to do with as he wishes. And that is what he intends to do.

His finger traces up your back, you watch as he appears to step back from you. Confusion takes over your mind, is this all about to end? You are brought back as his finger begins to press harder on your back; his intention is to have you bend forward for him. Leaning forward, you show him you not only understand, but you are ready to do as he commands.  Leaning forward you take the frame of the mirror in your hands to retain your balance, your thighs aching to be close to him again, as you lean forward he bends with you kissing the nape of your neck, you watch and feel his lips move slowly down your body each touch sending tingles to your aching groin. His lips leave you for a second and you mind goes wild at the loss of his touch. The sound of a chair being pulled up behind you turns the sensations of pleasure to those of nervous anticipation. Thoughts of what will happen next are flashing through your mind you search the mirror for some clue of his intentions. ‘Be still, I am right here’ your body groans inside and you look straight ahead complying with him fully.

His hands move flat across your cheeks and the realisation that he is sat behind you hits you. The nerves return knowing you are bent before him exposed and knowing he can see how eager you are for him. You realise you don’t care and as his thumbs fan out over your cheeks he taps the inside of your ankles with his shoes, you spread your legs, knowing you are now totally lost to him. Standing there bent and spread before him all your fantasies rushing through your mind, you feel your legs start to shake and you close your eyes waiting nervously for what will follow. He brings your mind back to him as his thumbs press at the back of your knees, your legs regain their strength and the fears subside.

Inside your heart beats fast and the aching becomes unbearable as you feel his breath on your wet lips telling you how close he is. The groan comes from the depths of your stomach as his tongue glides over your glistening lips for the first time. Your nipples ache as they go solid in an instance and you feel his hands glide up the back of your naked thighs till they rest on each of your cheeks. You can feel your clit throbbing as he spreads his hands and his thumbs fan across your lips opening them up revealing your wet inner lips. His breath quickens and you sense the lust rising in him as his tongue starts to dart deep inside you, sending shudders through your body each time it flicks over your throbbing clit. He takes your clit between his teeth and tugs it gently. Inside you know you are going to explode.

Sensing your need his fingers spread your lips tight as he thrusts his tongue deep and fast inside you. His voice whispers over your soaking lips as he tells you ‘ come for me now Kitten’. You mind goes blank and your body goes stiff as you cling to the mirror for dear life. The shudders tear through your body as his fingers grip you firmly; his tongue thrusts deep against every shudder till you scream out loud and let your body succumb to what it craves. You are totally lost no sense of time or where you are, all that you want is for this to go on and on. You feel him rise behind you and the sound of his belt being unbuckled and his zip being lowered brings back a rush of uncertainty filled with the desire to test that feeling to the limits. You open your eyes and in the mirror you gasp as you see between your legs his trousers drop to the floor. Your mind is racing knowing he is naked behind you, the urge is strong to reach between your legs and drag him inside you, but you know this is his time, and the desire to see what he has in store for you is stronger than anything you have ever felt before.

His hand moves up your spine and your body shudders at his touch. Curling your hair in his hand he raises you to stand before the mirror, thoughts and fantasies going crazy inside as you feel the full length of his cock erect between the cheeks of your arse. Your eyes staring directly ahead in the mirror willing him to take you before your legs give way. ‘You are eager for my cock Kitten’ he observed, the groan that pours from your lips tells him how totally right he is. Releasing your hair his hands run gently across your shoulder blades and down your arms to your wrists. You can only follow his lead; your mind knows you have given yourself to him. Moving your wrist behind your back, your fingers brush against his hard stem as he takes both wrists in one hand and reaches out to grab the nearby curtain tie. Before you can get your thoughts together your wrists are bound behind you and he steps back to admire your naked bound body now at his total control. You mind goes into overdrive, the first reaction is to break free but you soon become aware that is a fruitless task. ‘Now, now’, he taunts, ‘struggling is only going to get you punished Kitten’. You feel the arousal in you grow and to your horror you wriggle before him, feigning a half-hearted struggle, the desire for punishment has taken control, and he knows it!

He circles round in front of you, focus taken from the mirror his piercing eyes fill you full of anticipation mixed with the fear of uncertainty embedded in your mind due to your bound wrists, knowing only he has the power to release you. He stands before you, smiles and gently kisses your lips. Your eyes close and your body melts into his lips, you are wholly his. His hand traces down your arm and he leads you downstairs to the dining room. Each step increases the tension in your body your pussy aches as you try to control each step his grip a reminder that now you are there for his pleasure. You mind is all over the place, never before have you felt the need to make sure you please a man so much.

As you enter the dining room you halt to take in the vastness of the room, a polished oak table the only item of furniture in the room. Inside you groan and your cheeks redden as you feel the first drop of wetness trail down your inner thigh. It is as though he knows, his hand releasing your arm and travelling down over your cheeks. He slips his fingers between your cheeks and pushes you forward into the room. ‘Go to the table Kitten and bend over for me’ his words send your body into a trance and before your mind can protest you are bent over your erect nipples throbbing on the smooth polished surface. Whatever he intends you know that is all you want!

The ease with which you had complied with his requests keeps invading your mind but you shake away the fears, the desire to feel the pure pleasure he has brought you now controls your body and your mind. The trust you have given him releases in you the freedom you know knew you had be craving. You jump slightly as his briefcase lands on the table beside your face. Looking up at him is the smile unnerves you yet commands your trust at the same time. His hand reached under her chin and he slid a cushion under her so her head was raised, looking straight into the mirror he had brought from her bedroom and placed at the end of the table. Inside Kitten nearly orgasmed again, seeing her-self naked and laid on this table knowing the journey was to continue and she was going to view all he had planned for her.

He slid the briefcase into her view and removed a wooden ruler from the case. ‘Now then Kitten shall we see if you are ready for the intensity that the extremes of both pleasure and pain can bring you under my guidance’ Kitten looked into the mirror and closed her eyes; you knew he already had his answer. Inside your stomach tightened and the ache returned as your clit started to throb and the dampness grew again inside. This was going to take you to your limits, but with him as your Sir you knew you were was prepared to go there.

UnamedUnchained (copyright)